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this program is for you if you

  • are about to graduate from university, but don't know what kind of work and life you would like,

  • feel that you're consumed by your current job, and it drains all your energy,

  • have ideas and thoughts but don't know how to realize these,

  • feel you are choice-less and stuck within your profession,

  • had a break from work life (ex: you had a child etc.), want to go back to work but don't know how to do that,

  • Had something impacting your life (relocation, disease etc.), and need to establish a new profession,

  • are retired, but still would like to work actively,

  • would like to discover and move to a more satisfactory career


Life and career journeys are not like a tour where the starting point, destination and itinerary are determined when we choose and finish our schools.


Life is rather a journey which can be continuously designed, and fully lived. We can design our journeys either with small changes or with bigger turns, based on our current circumstances and needs.


This program handles the following topics within:

  • Your worldview and how you see work

  • Current responsibilities and needs

  • Interests and ambitions

  • Ideation sessions related to your life and career

  • Your internal barriers and non-serving beliefs

  • How can you try practicing different life and work life alternatives?

  • How do you find your natural mentors? How do you interview with them?

  • How do you stay resilient and on track, going to your goals and needs?

The program consists of 10 coaching sessions spread into 16 weeks. It is a semi-structured process where you will get coaching and consulting based on your needs. You may be supported with homework between sessions, to ensure that all the content is covered.

The process consists of:

* The structure of the program is inspired by 'designingyourlife'' program, which is developed in Stanford University, practiced and developed on thousands of students as well as non-student humans.



Each session is 1 hour long in average.

Sessions will be online via zoom.


This program is focused on unlocking human potential and is not therapeutic.

It is not a course of therapy or an alternative to therapy.



Total cost of the program is 700 EUR. 


As the program is now the pilot version, the clients purchasing before August 31, 2021 will only pay 520 EUR. 

All fees will be paid in full prior to the start day of the 16 week - Design Your Life Experience

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