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Divided culture and social group divisio

This program is for you if you

  • have difficulty in having and executing your life decisions

  • feel stuck

  • live similar, unsatisfying relationships

  • are continuously procrastinating

  • feel that you're living some other people's lives

  • cannot understand the noise in your head

  • feel lifeless and away from your inner motivation

  • would like to discover and uncover your authentic self

uncover yourself

As we humans grow, we suppress some aspects of our nature by being raised with familial values and social norms. Usually, we create an ideal personality image in our minds and try to realize it. Thus, we often move away from realizing 'our authentic selves'.

Our sense of identity, worldview, traumas and our unmet needs sometimes become obstacles to fully live our lives.

This program focuses on aspects of you that are suppressed to the shadow and that you are not aware of. It is possible  to meet and integrate your ''shadow'' aspects that prevent you from within, and push you into vicious circles.  

It's also an experience that can be quite transformative which leads to personal growth and self realization.


We will proceed on this path for 16 weeks.



The program consists of 8 one-on-one coaching sessions spread over 16 weeks. We start defining together where you want to be at the end of the process.

I apply the following methods in coaching process

  • Gestalt coaching approach

  • Dreamwork

  • Art therapy (it proceeds through a movie/series scene, photography, painting, etc. that affects you).

Sessions are 2 weeks apart, so that you will have the chance to practice between sessions and you will come to the next session with your new real life experiences. I focus you on the material of what you're living 'today' and how you live it. 



Each session is approximately 1 hour long.

Sessions are realized online through zoom.


This program is focused on unlocking human potential and is not therapeutic.

It is not a course of therapy or an alternative to therapy.



Total fee of the program is 480 EUR.

All fees will be paid in full prior to the start day of the 16 week - Uncover Yourself Experience

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