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I have been always been interested in human nature since I know myself.


I've spent many years being what I should be and doing what I should do. For years, I have guided my life by listening to outside voices instead of looking at my own tendencies and inner voice. I cannot say I did not like this part of my life either. Thanks to these, I graduated from ITU Management Engineering, I improved my analytical side thoroughly, got to know a diversity of people, gained a lot of experience and tasted the feeling of success.


Following is a summary of who I had been and what I did during this period:

For 19 years, I worked mainly on business analysis and information systems. Due to the project-based works, I got to know about 20 companies, bunch of environments and cultures.

In my start-up experience, I also got involved in sales, marketing and human resources and took the lead.

I also gained management and leadership experience in multinational companies. I have worked with people and teams from 4 continents.

I had a 10-year marriage and a son.


Towards my mid-30s, I noticed a severe uneasiness within myself even though everything seemed to be the way they should be.


When I consciously decided to take responsibility of my life and needs, I was working as a manager in a good position with global accountability at Coca Cola Company. Although my life seemed to be 'beautiful and successful' from outside, my sense of fulfillment and satisfaction was blown away before I knew what was going on! My sense of meaning had disappeared; I was feeling stuck.


The post is a period of self-discovery and transition. In this new era:

I received coaching trainings from the best institutions in the world and fed by many schools *.

I am accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I had my first personal coaching experiences with Coca Cola employees.

Afterwards, I worked with a global IT (information systems) team in Coca Cola for 9 months and received positive feedback.

I have done all this in addition to my work on the information technologies side.


Subsequently, I changed my direction completely and focused on my new career with 100% time, by January, 2018.

As a result, I support individuals, parents, teams and leaders in the process of change and transition by providing coaching, consulting and training services.

I practice yoga and dance in my spare time. I am keen on ancient teachings.


I believe our lives are too short to run on a hamster wheel, to feel stuck or to live at idle or suffer in relationships.

No matter how challenging the conditions are, more happy, fulfilled life is possible!

A better life is possible!

I know this not only from my education and readings but also from my own experiences.


If you'd like to discover your unique potential and move to a happier, more fulfilled life; you are at the right place . Contact me to have your guide.



Individual Coaching Experience

As of December 2023, I had a total of 90 individual clients and over 1000 hours of coaching experience. Some of these people  came to me for leadership development, guided by their organizations. Others came to me individually with an intent to grow in their careers, personal lives or relationships.

I am also working with multinational companies of US origin (named  Torch and BetterUp), as a leadership and parenting coach. My partnership with them enables me to contact with clients from all over the world, and to be fed from a global network and resources.

I am an accredited coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Training, Team Coaching and Facilitation Experience

As of December 2023, I have worked with 39 corporate entities, some of which are Mediamarkt, Safilo, Balparmak, Bosch, Festo, Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Bilkom, Meeting Point International and Ford Otosan, providing them training, team coaching, facilitation or long term soft skill development programs. 

I've lead and actively participated in the project to educate 7 qualified facilitators under our company ''Why So Serious'', which I am a cofounder. With this team, we had the chance to reach out to 2000 blue collar workers via personal development workshops.

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  • Gestalt Coaching Program

  • Gestalt Coaching Groupworks Program

  • Personal Development Program with Nita Scherler

  • Lewis Deep Democracy Conflict Resolution

  • Lewis Deep Democracy Personal Development Program

  • ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching)

  • Non Violent Communication 

  • Consulting Sales Training (Inc. Transactional Analysis)

  • Art Therapy (Halic University)

  • Yoga Teachers Training Course

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