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I have been always been interested in human nature since I know myself.


I've spent many years being what I should be and doing what I should do. For years, I have guided my life by listening to outside voices instead of looking at my own tendencies and inner voice. I cannot say I did not like this part of my life either. Thanks to these, I graduated from ITU Management Engineering, I improved my analytical side thoroughly, got to know a diversity of people, gained a lot of experience and tasted the feeling of success.


Following is a summary of who I had been and what I did during this period:

For 19 years, I worked mainly on business analysis and information systems. Due to the project-based works, I got to know about 20 companies, bunch of environments and cultures.

In my start-up experience, I also got involved in sales, marketing and human resources and took the lead.

I also gained management and leadership experience in multinational companies. I have worked with people and teams from 4 continents.

I had a 10-year marriage and a son.


Towards my mid-30s, I noticed a severe uneasiness within myself even though everything seemed to be the way they should be.


When I consciously decided to take responsibility of my life and needs, I was working as a manager in a good position with global accountability at Coca Cola Company. Although my life seemed to be 'beautiful and successful' from outside, my sense of fulfillment and satisfaction was blown away before I knew what was going on! My sense of meaning had disappeared; I was feeling stuck.


The post is a period of self-discovery and transition. In this new era:

I received coaching trainings from the best institutions in the world and fed by many schools *.

I am accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I had my first personal coaching experiences with Coca Cola employees.

Afterwards, I worked with a global IT (information systems) team in Coca Cola for 9 months and received positive feedback.

I have done all this in addition to my work on the information technologies side.


Subsequently, I changed my direction completely and focused on my new career with 100% time.

I currently have over 1000 hours of coaching experience.

In addition, I organized many workshops and trainings in organizations, and with groups where individuals could participate by their own will.

I am also working with multinational companies of US origin (named  Torch and BetterUp), as a leadership and parenting coach. My partnership with them enables me to be fed from a global network and resources.


As a result, I support individuals, parents, teams and leaders in the process of change and transition by providing coaching, consulting and training services.

I practice yoga and dance in my spare time. I am keen on ancient teachings.


I believe our lives are too short to run on a hamster wheel, to feel stuck or to live at idle or suffer in relationships.

No matter how challenging the conditions are, more happy, fulfilled life is possible!

A better life is possible!

I know this not only from my education and readings but also from my own experiences.


If you'd like to discover your unique potential and move to a happier, more fulfilled life; you are at the right place . Contact me to have your guide.


egitim deneyim
* Trainings
  • Gestalt Coaching Program

  • Gestalt Coaching Groupworks Program

  • Lewis Deep Democracy Conflict Resolution

  • Lewis Deep Democracy Personal Development Program

  • ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching)

  • Non Violent Communication 

  • Consulting Sales Training (Inc. Transactional Analysis)

  • Art Therapy (Halic University)

  • Yoga Teachers Training Course

** Corporate Experience

Following are some of the companies I have worked with or for, during my 20 years corporate experience:

The Coca-Cola Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Yaşar Holding, Zorlu Holding, IDS Sheer Consulting and Altıparmak Food, as well as some start-ups.

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