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"En iyilerin en iyisi olan CEO'ların bile kör noktaları vardır.Dışarıdan gelecek bir perspektif ile performanslarını kayda değer şekilde artırabilirler."

Stephen Miles - Miles Group CEO

Aşağıda örneklediğim sorunlardan en az birini veya benzerlerini yaşıyorsanız, danışanım olabilirsiniz.

Leadership coaching focuses on personal development with a concentration on leadership skills and requirements. Coaching is not a one-shot training session or a quick panacea, but rather a tool to be used continuously to manage change and enable performance. It is an iterative process that maintains its momentum through the setting and achieving of periodic sub-goals that are shaped by reference to the individual’s long term targets.



"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"​

Gestalt Principle​

Certain situations require intervention at the team or organization levels rather than the individual level. After all, a team as a whole has goals, needs, challenges, and barriers above and beyond those of its constituent members, and the social interactions within a team create complex dynamics that give rise to team-level problems.

My goal while coaching a team is to align members’ individual and team identities in an effort to facilitate collaborative team work. The ultimate result is a stronger team that not only produces results but also helps members achieve personal fulfillment.

Following are some of the situations when a company can benefit from team coaching:

It is important to emphasize that gains to team coaching can be multiplied by pairing team coaching with individual coaching. Multilevel intervention increases effectiveness as it allows cross level issues to be discovered and addressed.

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