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I am a Professional Coach and Consultant who provides support to individuals and teams striving for change, whether the change is motivated by pressures coming from the environment or forces from within the individual/ team. I combine creative and experiential methods with an analytical approach to create awareness of and focus on the needs, desires and missing elements of the individual/ team. The ultimate result is an inspired individual/ team empowered to comfortably and confidently move out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals.

I am trained by some of the foremost coaching institutions in the world*.

I am accredited by International Coaching Federation (ACC).

I have 20 years of professional work experience.

I have been involved with close to 20 corporations of different sizes in paid projects or as an employee.

I have worked in multicultural and multinational environments, involving people and teams from 4 continents.

I have frequently initiated or facilitated change in my professional life **.

My areas of expertise are Business Analysis, Technology and Management. In addition, I have had assignments in Sales, Marketing and Human Resources functions.

I am a Management Engineer graduated from Istanbul Technical University.

I am a passionate student of Behavioral Sciences.

I dance and play sports as time allows.

I am fond of all types of art.

I have interest in ancient philosophies and beliefs.

I am a mother.

My approach is highly experiential and involves frequent active participation by individuals and teams. My sessions are not “talking sessions”. Instead, I rely on “small experiments” related to the emerging figures, that give individuals the opportunity to “personally experience” issues in a safe environment. These experiences enable clients to focus on emotional triggers of behaviors, and consequently create awareness of what they are missing or ignoring in relation to their needs, desires or goals. Awareness in turn unleashes the energy to explore and embrace alternative behaviors.

My ultimate goal is, uncovering the barriers that prevent the realization of full potential, and supporting the person while mobilizing action to facilitate progress.

* Trainings
  • Gestalt Coaching Program

  • Gestalt Coaching Groupworks Program

  • Deep Democracy (The Lewis Method) Conflict Resolution

  • ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) 

  • Consulting Sales Training (Inc. Transactional Analysis)

  • Art Therapy (Halic University)

** Corporate Experience

Following are some of the companies I have worked with or for, during my 20 years corporate experience:

The Coca-Cola Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Yaşar Holding, Zorlu Holding, IDS Sheer Consulting and Altıparmak Food, as well as some start-ups.

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